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  • About Detox Foot Spa(Foot baths). The detox foot spa (Foot baths)is a method for detoxifying entire body by bathing feet in water while using positive and negative ions electrolyzed from an ion generator. The array element(Foot baths) is the ion generator device that sit down into water and creates ion charge and flow within the solution. It attaches to the power supply which controls array element ion flow and change. In 30 minutes, toxin and wastes accumulated in body will be expelled. The human body will recuperate gradually. The different color of toxin expelled from different part will make you know the health status of our own body.We have the ion foot spa,ion foot bath detox machine。
  • When straight drink machines which are in a state of system of water works, water outlet open, half open and half close the outlet of state. In the condition of system of water, raw water purification (without water) from the water inlet, first through the filter to filter, high-precision purely physical way, effectively remove the water and sediment, rust, colloid, bacteria, algae, macromolecules have machine content harmful material such as, again, in turn, a multifunctional nanocrystals, natural calcium ion ball, KDF, ultrafiltration membrane after purification of energy water for magnetized, mineralized and activated, the weak alkaline, and remove heavy metal ions, and RO filter, and, in turn, through the high quality coconut shell activated carbon, the chloride activated carbon filter, effectively remove organic matter (such as trichloromethane), and improving taste at the same time, the formation of fresh energy water
  • Primary filter for tap water filter mud of the water, suspended solids, colloid, rust, solid impurities, significantly reduce the turbidity. Solve the problem of secondary pollution of tap water. Large flow capacity. Whole-house water purification(energy water、energy water filler).
  • The energy water filler adopt imported RO reverse osmosis technology, directly connected to household tap water, through multi-level filter combination processing, manufacture security sweet pure water, large flux, high desalination rate, luxurious dazzle colour LED LCD display and double keep leakage detection device, automatic water, filled with water, washing.The energy water filler is very good.
  • About energy water machine.Motor does not need power supply, rely on hydraulic drive filtering. No water storage tank, for nine grade filter system. Have a high quality PP cotton, high-performance KDF filtering system and precision activated carbon filtration system, ion exchange resin system with high efficiency, high energy nanometer BIO element, UF membrane filtration systems, precision silver elements activated carbon filtration system.Direct filtration water to be energy water.
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