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1.What is a water purifier?
2.Why use a water filter?
3.What kind of water is healthy?
4.What is RO reverse osmosis technology?

5.Why do people need detoxification?
6.Does everyone has the toxin?
7.How to judge there is toxin in the body?
8.What is the harm of toxin to the Body? Why need the detoxification?
9.Is there any danger to get an electric shock when foot bath?


What is a water purifier?

Also known as water purifiers water purification machine, according to the filter structure is divided into RO reverse osmosis pure water machine and ultrafiltration membrane water purification machine, energy, water purification machines, water purifiers and other ceramic membrane. RO reverse osmosis pure water machine with standard is level 5, filtering, namely: the PP cotton, grain, compressed carbon rear, RO reverse osmosis membrane and activated carbon (also known as small T33) level 5; Ultrafiltration membrane ultrafiltration water purifier is give priority to, other filter such as activated carbon filter) (not including energy is complementary, ultrafiltration water purifier according to the installation method is divided into vertical and horizontal two kinds, vertical ultrafiltration water purifier is composed of granular activated carbon, external pressure ultrafiltration membrane; Horizontal ultrafiltration water purifier by the stainless steel shell and the inner pressure of ultrafiltration membrane, KDF. Mainly including outdoor water purifier water purifiers, commercial and household water purifiers.



Why use a water filter?

Solve the water pollution

Select the best alternative to bottled water

High cost of bottled water

Reach the standard raw drink, the cost is low



What kind of water is healthy?

Healthy water standard is: first, do not have the pollution, non-toxic, harmless, odorless, no impurities, especially not with chlorine and heavy metals; Second, there is no deterioration of water - with the energy of the water of life, with high oxygen content, like a mountain spring water is sweet; Third, meets the needs of human nutrition physiological water (containing certain beneficial minerals, pH value neutral and slightly alkaline, small molecular group water).



What is RO reverse osmosis technology?

Reverse osmosis is with enough pressure to make the solution of the solvent (usually) refers to the water through the reverse osmosis membrane (a semi-permeable membrane) and isolated, direction and penetration in the opposite direction, is greater than the osmotic pressure of the reverse osmosis method can be used for separation, purification and concentration solution. Using reverse osmosis technology can effectively remove salt dissolved in water, colloid, bacteria, viruses, bacteria, endotoxin and most of the impurities such as organic matter. Reverse osmosis membrane separation object is largely a range of ions in the solution, and salts, effective without chemicals in drinking water, desalination rate system is generally more than 98%. So reverse osmosis is the most advanced and most a desalination way of energy saving, environmental protection, has become the mainstream of the desalination process.


Why do people need detoxification?

For several decades, with the development of the science, there are all kinds of theories about the diseases and caducity. The Russian biologist and physiologist, Metchnikoff, the winner of Nobel Prize for Medicine, said in his theory of the body chronic poisoning, all kinds of toxins in human body will bring the chronic poisoning. It is the main factor that people always suffer the diseases and premature senility.

The foreign healthcare experts and scholars said, if one people doesn’t keep the healthy dietary standard and living ways and doesn’t wash often the body regularly, there must be around 5kg. Of toxin accumulated in his body. We can say everybody has the toxin in his body. For an adult, there is around 3kg.~25kg. Of toxin distributed in different organs including every cell in blood, lymph and skin. The Russian and Ukraine famous experts in the detoxification get the following conclusion based on the detoxification practice to many patients in years. After the all-around detoxification to the patient in many times, they got the following data. From the intestines, remove 1kg. Of stale excrement; From the liver, cholecyst and bile duct, remove 0.5kg of stone, cholesterin embolus or some thread or slice matter; From every arthrosis, remove 0.3kg of inorganic salt; Remove 1.2kg of the other wastes (made by drinking, food, chlorine and nitrate etc). Finally, 3kg~5kg of toxin can be removed from different people by the above means. Meanwhile the weight will reduce 3kg~5kg. Therefore, the way to keep good health is the detoxification in the body and everyone need the detoxification.



Does everyone has the toxin?

Yes. Everyone’s body has the toxin in different degree. The toxin comes from the pollution of environment and food, the waste from metabolism. Since the birthday on the earth, people need to breath, drink, eat. Along with the growth, people will become old. Hence, if alive,  we will have the toxin in our body.



How to judge there is toxin in the body?

What is the symptom if intestines toxin, skin toxin and blood toxin in the body? The problem always starts from the difference of the body which always is the beginning of many diseases.

1. The intestines toxin starting from the coprostasis. After the toxin is sucked by the intestines, there is the symptom of coprostasis, bloated abdomen, halitosis, spot, insomnia and emaciation.

2. The skin toxin starting from the pore blocking, so it’s easy to get a cold and illness and reduce the immune. Dirt, pigment and spot on the skin.

3. Blood toxin make the blood not flow smoothly. The blood sugar, fat and cholesterin accumulated on the blood vessel wall to form arteriosclerosis and unstable blood pressure etc. Too much acid pain-inducing matter in the blood cause the ache and rheumatism etc. All these symptom means too much toxin and the disease starts.



What is the harm of toxin to the Body? Why need the detoxification?

The toxin does below harm to the body.

a. Lower the immune. The toxin can be distributed in the nerve synapse and the neuromuscular Junction to harm the neuron and centrum and make the immune very low, i.e. easy to catch a cold, lightheaded, heart-throb, night sweat, insomnia, bad memory, limb numbness etc.

b. The toxin stimulates the immune system and makes the allergy.

c. The toxin influences the enzyme system and releases collagenase and hard elastase. These two kind of enzyme interact two much and decomposed which make wrinkle, blain on the nonelastic skin.

d. The same influence makes the capillary vessel more fragile and break the blood vessel. It can cause the diseases in heart and brain blood vessel.

 Hence, when the toxin accumulated to some degree, it’s very harmful to our health. Lower the immune, make the fatigue, endocrine disorder and influence of the change of blood pressure, sugar and fat etc. Sometime, it may cause the vital diseases, so we need the long-term detoxification.



Is there any danger to get an electric shock when foot bath?

No. The device has the function of automatic protection. When the water current exceeds the security range, the power will cut off automatically. No hurt and danger when the feet touch the ion cleanse.

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