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Water is closely related to health

Human life is composed of water - the human body is about 70% water!!:

Among them: for the distribution of water content in tissues, muscles, blood 83%: 76%, 75%, 86% of heart lung brain 75%, liver 86%, kidney 83%, the body of water as long as the lost 1% - 2% will feel thirsty and tired, lost 5% into a semi comatose state, lost 12% will lead to death death.

The United Nations WHO issued a warning: "in twenty-first Century the water crisis will be listed as the first!

According to the WHO recently released data show that:

One of the world’s more than 80% diseases are related to the poor quality of the water, because the water pollution:

There were 50000 deaths every day all over the world!

50000000 children die each year around the world!

There are 35000000 people suffering from cardiovascular disease each year around the world!

30000000 people have died of liver cancer, gastric cancer each year in the world!

There are 90000000 people worldwide each year suffer from hepatitis!

There are 70000000 people suffering from gallstones, kidney stones around the world each year!

Chinese living water:

The main surface water, the river, river, lake and reservoir water

The mercury content of 10 - 18 times more than the national standard has been exceeded.

Organic chemical pollutants in water has a total of 2221.

Toxic algae has a total of 1441.

Water disinfectant chlorine (CL) -- with some organic chemical composition of various carcinogens.

A drop of looks transparent clean water -- it contains chemical pollution and heavy metal elements in more than 2000, more than 5000 kinds of organic compounds.

The average age of cancer of large and medium-sized city has ten years ahead of schedule!!!!

So don’t take your body when the filter!!!!

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