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Energy water machine nine stage filter function

Energy water machine nine stage filter function:

First class: high quality 5 μ PP fiber filter: directly to the suspension, rust and various minor contaminants, colloid, hair and other tiny impurities in outside, in order to prevent moss and prolong the service life of the secondary filter

Level second: high density activated carbon and ID energy conversion combined: made of imported special technology is specially designed to filter medium cleaning water chemical pollution, pesticides, fertilizers, the smell, the adsorption capacity and specific surface area is more than ten times the ordinary activated carbon, ID energy conversion on the water for a preliminary order, activation.

Level third: special crystallite carbon composite fluid degradation Kinetic Degradation Fluxion: to remove heavy metals in water, residual organic matter, nitrite, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and water hardness was decreased, at the same time to kill and inhibit bacteria and microbial breeding, adjust the pH value of water.

Level fourth: high tech high energy nano bio ceramic: when the water flows through the high-energy biochemistry pottery and porcelain, in magnetic resonance (NMR) under the action of water molecules, the fracture was disorder huge, polar water to permutation and combination, the formation of small molecules of water, full of vitality, and high energy biochemical ceramic with small molecules water to high energy charge. The state of water molecules, neatly arranged, cohesion is strong, molecular adhesion, contains a high energy, the most close to human cells, natural water, glycol, water has a very soft feeling in the mouth. At the same time, energy micro crystal and nano material micro electrolysis effect, so that the water continuously produce active interface material with hydroxyl ions, interfacial activation effect against free radicals in the body, prevent aging and disease.

Level fifth: Post antibacterial activated carbon filter: made of coconut rainforest, internal diameter, good adsorption effect, can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Level sixth: high purity copper - zinc alloy grain (commonly known as the platinum ions) specifically for removal of heavy metals and heavy metal ions: lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, chromium, nickel, aluminum and radioactive materials; special ceramics with powerful adsorption capacity of carbon; further clear water of pesticide, chemical fertilizer and organic pollution, removal of residual chlorine, color, smell.

Level seventh: the exquisite stone and stone core: adopt Inner Mongolia Horqin grassland magical Maifan stone is rich in many kinds of inorganic salts and trace elements necessary for human body of more than thirty-eight, with its good performance, ion exchange for mineralized water Jiapin has long been renowned at home and abroad. And the water is mineralized processing, increase the solubility and the amount of dissolved oxygen in water.

Level eighth: ultrafiltration device: micro pore size of less than 0.01 microns, the molecular sieve to penetrate the principle physical filtration in water source, bacteria, virus, ultrafine particles, polymer organic thoroughly cleared.

Level ninth: (stainless steel) and high magnetic filter: 10000 Gauss biological magnetic field, the magnetization system in twenty-first Century the most advanced, instant release 9600-10300 Gauss lines, so that the small molecular group ordered arrangement, and has high magnetic memory function.

Reminder (core is good, water is good):

The filter is a filter water machine heart, there are good or bad. It has a full set of filter production line. The material is absolutely superb, absolute guarantee of quality, is your assurance

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